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About Office Hub

Office Hub started as an idea to make renting office space more accessible and affordable for small businesses. With traditional office leasing complex, expensive and commitment-heavy, we wanted to overhaul the industry and make it almost as simple to rent office space as it is to head to the library or sit in Starbucks – with an environment that works a hundred times harder for your business.

Now, Office Hub has grown to become the world’s No.1 shared office space marketplace, empowering business owners and office providers to rent out spare desks and helping people find cost-effective office space that goes further. The right environment will make your business more successful and your team happier, healthier and more productive – to us, it’s a no-brainer to rent flexible shared office space and reap the business benefits.

Our offering is underpinned by a genuine passion for what we do and an authentic dedication to helping people figure out the office industry. It’s about time every small business owner, entrepreneur, startup, freelancer, corporate, project team, and anyone who needs a place to work, makes their next office space more functional, beneficial and affordable than their last.


Meet the team

These are the friendly faces behind the world’s No.1 office marketplace – we’re an award-winning team with heaps of passion, lots of laughs and the skills to list or find office space for you.

Grant Philipp

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Gill

Head of Business Development

Rebecca Philipp

Brand Manager

Sean o'Connor

Sales and Account Manager

Andrew Beck

Sales and Account Manager

Anu Sharma

Sales and Account Manager

Justin Rosenberg

Sales and Account Manager

Elin Bjorklund

Sales Coordinator

Ellie Isaac

Digital Content Assistant

Saurav Khandelwal

Market Research Analyst


Workspace and Lead Tracking Assistant

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