Why rent YOUR spare OFFICE SPACE?

Your extra office space is full of cash – you just need the right tools to unleash it

Office space is a valuable commodity as not every business can afford a lease of their own. Bangkok’s office rates have grown for seven consecutive years since 2011 – average monthly gross office rents at the end of 2017 reached THB 531 per square metre per month in Bangkok, representing an all-time high and an office market that is becoming harder to enter. Most startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses would not consider entering into a three-year lease of a commercial space: it’s simply too expensive, too time-consuming and too fixed. But they still need desk space, vital connectivity and a professional image – and that’s where your spare office space comes in.

1. Make money

The number one attraction to anyone thinking about renting spare office space is the money you can make. A competitive price will attract tenants looking for affordable office space as it’s far cheaper than leasing a conventional office while still being highly profitable for you. A private office space in any of Thailand’s main cities can bring in tens or even hundreds of thousands of baht each month depending on its size and location, and even a single spare desk in your own office will make a strong return, particularly when it’s just costing you money otherwise. Renting spare office space will also save you money as you can share the cost of utility usage and other outgoings. Work out what you could earn from your Thai office space with our Office Space Rent Calculator.

2. Create a community

Coworking isn’t just a fad – it’s an evolution of the working style and it’s here to stay. Human connection inspires and motivates people and a coworking environment is way more attractive to employees than a stagnant office with the same faces every day. At the very least, you create an atmosphere that’s more socially engaging, but it’s also common to build professional connections, partnerships and clients when you work closely alongside other businesses. You learn from them, can work on projects together or simply recommend each other’s services to your client bases. If you’re thinking about your team’s motivation and happiness and your business growth, sharing office space is a great idea.

3. Be part of a movement

The traditional method of office leasing through commercial agents is becoming unattainable for businesses small and large. Demand now is for smaller, shared and more affordable office space that is cost-effective and short-term as businesses recognise the need for agility in today’s tech-driven world. Here at Office Hub we’re meeting these modern needs by helping owners provide all-inclusive pricing, flexible license agreements and 360-degree transparency. By renting your spare office space, you’ll become part of a worldwide movement away from the traditional boring working environment and the obscure method of office leasing and towards the flexible office choice that puts tenants and owners back in control of the market.

4. It's easy!

It’s easy as pie to list your spare office space with Office Hub – just add your listing and we’ll set you up to manage your property in our client portal WALTA. Availability and pricing is all down to you (with expert advice on hand) and our superstar team will optimise your listing to generate interest and enquiries. We manage every lead and do all the legwork to find a new tenant, while you’re totally in the know with our 100% transparency policy.

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